Chester Wilderness AreasFriends of Nature actively lobbies against destructive forestry methods such as clear-cutting and herbicide spraying. We are also against biomass harvesting.

Clearcutting: The destructive effects of clearcutting include:

  • Soil desiccation (extreme drying)
  • Erosion
  • Loss/fragmentation of wildlife habitat
  • Sedimentation of waterways
  • “Hit and Run” overland water flow
  • Adverse impacts on fish and many bird species
  • Loss of carbon to the atmosphere
  • Nutrient depletion
  • Increased risk of insect infestation
  • Poor regeneration

(source: Ecology Action Centre Forestry Program)

Forests do not need to be clearcut in order to provide a livelihood to foresters. A well-managed forest can be a biodiverse ecosystem and wildlife habitat, as well as providing livelihood to foresters for generations to come.

Take action!

If you are concerned about the forestry methods in Nova Scotia, please write to your elected officials or send a letter to the editor to your local paper or the provincial  Chronicle Herald. Click contact information for Nova Scotia’s Legislative Assembly

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