Petition on Biomass: Stop destroying Nova Scotia’s forests for biomass power generation

biomass harvests in Nova Scotia. Northern Pulp Corp
Biomass harvests in Nova Scotia done by Northern Pulp Corp. (photo copyright Jamie Simpson)

Friends of Nature have been working with an as yet un-named group to protest the terrible devastation going on in our forests in order to supply wood to the biomass furnace in Port Hawkesbury. I urge you to sign the petition and to read the background information on how not “green” biomass technology has turned out to be.



Please help to spread the word:

Many Thanks,
Syd Dumaresq, Chair, Friends of Nature

3 thoughts on “Petition on Biomass: Stop destroying Nova Scotia’s forests for biomass power generation

  1. Sherry Veinot

    This was a stupid project right from the first and anyone that couldn’t see that should not be in power. I live in the country and see the different woodlots clear cut and basically destroyed. I see the truckloads of cut “trees” in my area. These trees – some as small as 2 inches around – were not allowed to mature but clear cut. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any policy to reforest – why not ? Stop this raping our forests. Build more wind turbines – NOW !

  2. wilfred saulnier

    they cant help but be able to do what thy want in any way they like they are backed up by lots of companies looking to start jobs and work they dont care what they do
    in our opinion your primier should be a poor person with no wealthy friends and from some other province right now i see i cant access to sign your peitition something lol,lol,lol is stopping my efforts but i say we both do agree with no biomass

    1. friendso‚Ä® Post author

      Hi Wilfred, thanks for taking the time to comment. The petition was time-sentsitive and hosted over at and is no longer an affective petition. However, it is on an ongoing concern.


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