Herbicide Spraying

herbicide_spraying_300x201Each year, dangerous chemical herbicides are sprayed on Nova Scotia’s forests by government and the forestry industry. The active ingredient in the herbicides currently used – glyphosate – has been linked to serious human health problems such as cancer, respiratory illness and birth defects. It is also detrimental to Nova Scotia’s water supply, wildlife and ecosystem.

We believe that these herbicides should be banned in Nova Scotia, as they are in other provinces like Quebec. More information on herbicide spraying can be found on the Sierra Club Atlantic website.

Take action!

If you are concerned about herbicide spraying in Nova Scotia, please write to your elected officials or send a letter to the editor to your local paper or to the provincial Chronicle Herald. Click contact information for Nova Scotia’s Legislative Assembly

4 thoughts on “Herbicide Spraying

  1. Nancy Whynot

    Mother earth is in dire shape spreading poison on her makes her sicker then she already is. I cry for her creatures on land , sea and sky. If we do NOT stop poisoning our land there will be no place for us to live.
    Only when we understand and learn to live WITH the land will she start to heal. LISTEN to the people and do what is right!!

  2. Richard Donat

    I am shocked to hear about the government allowing the spraying and clear cutting. Is that the only way to balance the budget? All the talk about the fragility of our planet and pollution etc and these idiots don’t see what the hell they are doing. Who are these people? Maybe they are not people. R. Donat


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