Support Boat Harbour Closure

Dear Friends: The Boat Harbour deadline is fast approaching and the Premier is under a lot of pressure to cave. The onus is on the rest of us to make our feelings known to give him some assurance that there are voters out there who want him to stay the course. I urge you to respond to this petition. This is what I wrote, please feel free to copy or modify (click here to send your petition):

Dear Premier McNeil,

Please do not allow Boat Harbour to receive one ounce of pollution after the January 2020 deadline and do not allow the effluent to be slightly filtered and redirected to another waterway.

We need to change from the old methods of dumping industrial waste into our waterways and our air to a new economy where there “waste” products are recycled and reused. Wherever this has happened the company actually makes more money and the environment gets better.
Refer to the case of Interface Carpets for an excellent example of one of the worst polluters ever changing itself into an environmental leader, an industry leader, and an even more profitable company.

Click here to send your letter.

Many thanks
Syd Dumaresq, Chair, Friends of Nature


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