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ATV Use in Protected Areas

Ship Harbour Long Lake Wilderness Area
Ship Harbour Long Lake Wilderness Area, one of Nova Scotia’s newest protected Wilderness Area.
image source: https://www.ecologyaction.ca/content/ship-harbour-long-lake-wilderness-area-declared-protected-last

Friends of Nature are thrilled that our Province has committed12% of our land as Protected Areas; however, there is a strong lobby from some ATV riders to allow vehicular access in these protected areas. Such access is not currently permitted by law, for good reason. Following is a letter to the editor (Chronicle Herald) which expresses my view. Keep the faith!

– Syd Dumaresq
Chair, Friends of Nature Conservation Society

January 16, 2016

Letter to the editor re: ATV Use in Protected Areas

We are called as a people to sustain all forms of life.

Protected Areas are called Protected Areas for a reason. They are protected from resource extraction and vehicular access so that they can remain pristine. Both nature and people need motorized free areas. Wildlife need areas to live, roam, and reproduce peacefully. Our success as a people relies on biodiversity, clean water, and clean air. We are so fortunate to have 12% of our land set aside as Protected Areas.

ATV use compromises nature by impacting brooks, streams, wetlands, wildlife etc.

There still are still large areas of crown land with trails open to ATV riders and plenty of potential for more such trails on the remaining Crown land.

Surely we can leave our Protected Areas free from vehicular access for the good of Nature and the continued survival of our so called civilization.

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