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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein

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    "Rudy Haase," a film about Canada's unknown environmental and social activist.

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    Rudy Haase

FON time line:
  • In 1954, Friends of Nature was launched by Martin Rudy Haase to protect a unique island in Maine. Since then, our conservation group continues to dedicate itself to maintaining the balance of nature for the mutual benefit of people and their plant and animal friends.
  • In 1968, Friends of Nature Conservation Society was incorporated in Canada.
  • We are affiliated with Nature Canada and Friends of Nature, Incorporated.
  • We are a member of Nova Scotia Environmental Network.
  • We have membership in the Nova Scotia Public Lands Coalition.
rudy haase pioneer conservationist rudy haase pioneer conservationist
Our founder pioneer conservationist Rudy Haase:

"It can't happen unless you do it," says Martin Rudy Haase, Founder, Friends of Nature. "While there's life, there's hope. So if you're alive, you can't engage in despair. You have to keep going where you can see hope and where you can do things."

The driving force behind the work of Friends of Nature has always been our founder, Rudy Haase. He is known for translating idealism to action. A groundbreaking conservationist, his infectious optimism, enthusiasm and love of nature have inspired countless others to do good work. He and his wife lead by example in the way they choose to live: eating organic food, installing solar panels on their home and clearing snow from their driveway with no mechanical equipment.

"He is a person of considerable conviction and principle but he also turns those convictions and principles into concrete action," says Bob Waldon, past Nova Scotia Nature Trust board member.

Although Rudy Haase remains humble, a lifetime spent conserving land does not go unnoticed. Mr. Haase was the subject of a beautiful 2007 documentary by Neal Livingston.

"What a wonderful man he is! [The film, "Rudy Haase," has] captured his vitality and energy which certainly is inspiring. He would seem to be the ideal model for us all," applauds Leon Narbey (New Zealand feature film director; cinematographer on "Whale Rider;" filmmaker, "Man Of The Trees").

Photo right: Rudy Haase is presented with the MICA Award by Sherrill Harrison at 8th Annual Mahone IslandsConservation Association Dinner.

Just a few of the awards Mr. Haase has received for his conservation work include:

Our Friends of Nature Board:
  • Sydney Dumaresq
    Occupation: Architect
  • Martin Rudy Haase
    Occupation: Yacht Designer
  • Sheila Knowlton-MacRury
    Occupation: Retired Teacher
  • Brad Armstrong
    Conservation Director
    Occupation: Home Builder
  • Edward Brainard
    Occupation: Environmental Engineer
  • Elizabeth Brainard
    Occupation: Author/Artist
  • Sandra Dumaresq
    Occupation: Accountant
  • Rosmarie Lohnes
    Occupation: Landscaper
  • Ken MacRury
    Occupation: Retired Public Servant
  • Elizabeth E. May
    Occupation: Leader, Green Party of Canada
  • Edward C. Porter
    Occupation: Retired Professor
friends of nature board

Front row from left: Martin Rudy Haase, Syd Dumaresq, Elizabeth Brainard, Sheila Knowlton-MacRury and Elizabeth E. May.
Back row from left: Edward Porter, Brad Armstrong, Sandy Dumaresq, Ted Brainard, and Ken MacRury
Missing from photo: Rosmarie Lohnes

friends of nature AGM 2011
FON AGM September, 2011:

From left: Rudy Haase, Treasurer & Founder; Brad Armstrong, Conservation Director; Sydney Dumaresq, President; and Sheila Knowlton-MacRury, Secretary.

Dedicated to maintaining the balance of nature for the mutual benefit of people and their plant & animal friends.

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