Environmental Library

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Watch a 2.48 minute clip from “Rudy Haase,” a film about Canada’s unknown environmental and social activist.

We have a large selection of films available for “rental” to our members. The only cost is return postage, but renters accept responsibility for any damage. Book a video – email us for more information
Videos currently available from our library include:
  • Battle for the Trees: Confrontations in the old-growth forests of British Columbia. Highly recommended. NFB 1993; 57 min.
  • Clayoquot Sound, Not Clearcut Sound: Produced by Friends of Clayoquot Sound, supported by Friends of Nature. 1992; 30 min.
  • Carmanah Forever: Defending a valley on west coast of Vancouver Island. Produced by Western Canada Wilderness Comm. Narrated by David Suzuki. 1988; 25 min.
  • Man of the Trees: The Life of Richard St. Barbe Baker (1889-1992) An outstanding New Zealand film about a famous silviculturist. 1991; 25 min.
  • The Man who Planted Trees: Animated film by Frederic Back of Jean Giono’s story. Narrated by Christopher Plummer. 30 min. Also included Crac, 15 min and Illusion, 12 min. (book originally published by Friends of Nature as The Man Who Planted Hope and Grew Happiness.: available for purchase)
  • Penan: The Disappearing Civilization of Borneo. Written by Thom Henley, 1990; 23 min.
  • Hunters & Boomers: The Innu protest against low-level military flying over Labrador. NFB, 1990; 52 min.
  • The Rain Forest: A Report from Costa Rica. Produced by Don Duchene with assistance from Chester Education Foundation. Narrated by Olga Milosevich. 30 min.
  • Nuclear Addiction: Dr. Rosalie Bertell gives a clear explanation of the dangers of low-level radiation. NFB. 19 min.
  • Uranium: A thought-provoking look at Canada’s uranium industry. NFB 1990; 53 min.
  • Martin Rudy Haase, environmentalist: An interview from the TV program, MacLean’s Nova Scotia, 12 October 1989. 30 min.
  • Living the Good Life: A day in the life of Helene and Scott Nearing, noted homesteaders, when Helen was 73 and Scot 94. (Scott died at 100 in 1983) Produced at Forest Farm, Main, by Bullfrog Films, 1977. 30 min.
  • David Suzuki Speaks: The human animal’s place in the universe. 60 min.
  • DVD currently available from our library: Rudy Haase, A biography about Canada’s great unknown environmentalist. Neal Livingston. 51 min.